Open Blue’s success firmly establishes the brand as global innovators and leaders in open-ocean Mariculture

PSD+G was fortunate to work with the global leader in sustainable open-ocean mariculture. Our strategy has helped fuel their growth and success. Their commitment to leadership and innovation has reaped several high profile awards and recognitions:

  • 2017 winner – Best New Foodservice Product – Seafood Expo North America (Boston, March 2017)
  • 2018 winner – Seafood Excellence award for Convenience – Seafood Expo Global (Brussels, April 2018)
  • 2018 winner – Seafood Champion for Vision at SeaWeb (Barcelona, June 2018)

    • The Seafood Champion awards recognize individuals or organizations that establish a clear and compelling vision of the future that inspires positive change for sustainable seafood in technology, policy, products or markets, or conservation tools.
      Find out more about the winning entry here
    • Open Blue won for its decade-long effort to revolutionize the mariculture industry by moving it into the open ocean, far away from sensitive near shore ecosystems.
  • 2018 winner – French Seafood frozen Innovation (Sept 2018) Coups de Coeur de l’innovation PdM 2018 – (Sept 2018)