Repositioning Canada as THE Global Leader in Rapid Commercialization

The situation

  • Canada lags behind several leading countries in innovation and commercialization. With the election of a new government and increased public pressure, Canada is launching a major initiative to reposition itself as the “silicon valley” of Innovation and Commercialization of Natural Products.
  • Natural Products Canada, Inc. (NPC) is a national, not-for-profit centre of excellence for natural products research and commercialization, overseen by the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development. NPC drives commercialization of natural products for the benefit of the economy, and the health and wellbeing of Canadians; builds on previous national, regional and provincial investments, and links and aligns key players nationally and internationally.
  • The goal is to attract both Canadian and international investors and entrepreneurs to leverage the NPC ecosystem and drive the commercialization process of innovative and adaptive ideas into the market, building companies that will make an impact over the long term.


  • Working with a robust pan-Canadian team of business thinkers and scientists in innovation, commercialization and Natural Products, PSD+G Strategy Group stewarded a highly collaborative and workshop-based process. The outcome enabled NPC to articulate and align their 3 Year Strategic Plan, Brand Strategy and Messaging; Business Goals and Objectives as well as their Strategic Priorities Initiatives & Actions Plans for year 1.
  • Given the vast scope of the business, PSD+G identified 4 distinct value propositions required to focus on the various needs of the diverse stakeholder group: SMEs, Research Institutes, Multinationals and the Regional Nodes. At the same time, they helped articulate some of the core processes that would be used to collaborate with these stakeholders.


  • NPC now has the strategic and brand framework combined with detailed tactical actions to start running and effect growth.
  • Operating under the four pillars of focus – Connect, Evaluate, Invest and Accelerate – NPC enables Canadian natural products firms, universities and research organizations to build competitive advantages by applying scientific knowledge, commercialization expertise, mentoring, strategic marketing and targeted investment. Additionally it is used to discuss new opportunities with prospects and potential partners and recruit new employees and board members.
  • Fall 2016, NPC launched and now concentrating on bringing new commercialization opportunities to the market.